what’s up

On Tuesday Wes decided he wanted to build a fort. With me. That is important. The plan went like this: build a fort, make a snack, and then play a game whilst eating snacks in the fort. He chose lemon brownies for the snack. Wes is a lemon lover for sure.

Fort building didn’t actually happen until Wednesday, due to a conflict in Wes’ schedule, i.e., something better came along, but I have never seen a boy so intent on a project. Here are some pretty much chronological photos of the construction of said fort:

Snack making went well, but, alas, no pics. Terribly sorry, I am. Game playing in the fort did not go as well. We both felt sick after one turn at Scrabble. It is HOT and STUFFY in a blanket encrusted fort, who knew? We continued our game at the table. It was a fun time.

Moving back in time, Sunday’s Pinterest Recipe, (a new tradition), was Butter Bars. Based on the name of the recipe alone, you would assume and you’d be right, that these would be the bomb. They could actually be a weapon of mass destruction, if you weren’t in any hurry. Death by Butter, Sugar, and Cream Cheese, would be a slow one. But what a sweet way to die. Funny, right?

The bars should be more set up, but no one could wait to let them chill all the way. We’re an impatient lot when it comes to dessert. There is cream cheese in the filling, but strangely it was difficult to taste-which surprised me. There are very few ingredients to have on hand as the base is actually cake mix mixed with butter. I don’t understand why they’re called Butter Bars; they don’t have any more butter in them than you’d expect.


They were a touch too sweet to me. Which is saying something. David LOVED them. Wes loved them. (I see in Wes my love for treats. He may be the only one! Which is not to say I’m happy about it, look at what this love has got me-FAT.) Dad never said, although he ate them. Sam ate a huge helping even after I told him he’d die of diabetes later that night. (Not really, but that would have been mildly humorous and possibly true.) Apparently he can hold his sugar well. Jake and Makaela tried them, but seemed to be less than impressed. Not hipster enough I guess. What will it take to impress you Jake? (Not to worry Jake, I love you anyway, no matter how you feel about my delicious homemade treats.)

Stay tuned for next week’s What’s Up Post. I’m thinking Raspberry Bread Pudding and card making, not necessarily at the same time.