one year older

Monday was Wes’ birthday. 11 years old!! Can you believe it? My my my, I am certainly getting old. To think that I thought I was old when he was born. Now I imagine his HS graduation and hope there won’t be too many stairs.

Birthday Dinner was at Macaroni Grill per Wes’ request. After being seated in a dark, freezing corner, (even though the restaurant was basically deserted, what the?), Wes, Jake, Dad, Tanner, Jessie, and Moi took our decisionally challenged time choosing our entrees.

So, I went a little crazy with the camera+ app on my phone. Sue me.

Jessie and TanTan


Wes’ presents didn’t arrive until the 24th, which is a bummer, yes,  but he hand picked each gift. Nothing was a surprise anyway. I think he loved the wrapping paper the most, which makes him sound somewhat like a puppy.

Pile o’ presents

Caleb, Wes, Cody. Weirdos. 🙂

Probably my fave picture. Ever.

Our little Gameboy.


I am in the need of posting things besides pictures. Maybe some real thoughts. The question is, will anyone want to read?