Colour Q #127

I’m in a hurry to get this posted before the challenge closes! This is my first time linking to a color challenge, (although I’ve played along before w/out linking), and I hope I’m following all the rules correctly! I’ve been making cards for quite awhile, but I’m a newbie at officially joining in on the fun.

This is the challenge:

This is my card.

(In retrospect I should NOT have blurred the edges of the photo, but I simply ran out of time to keep editing. If I’m going to keep this up I’ll probably have to improve my photography skills. I noticed with these colors it was difficult to make them show true to the card; although it’s really close.)

Thanks for stopping by!


My First Color Challenge

This is the first time I’ve officially participated in a color challenge. I’ve made cards based on a color challenge theme before, and posted pictures of my cards, (so far most of those are on my previous blog), but I’ve never been brave enough to link through the CR84FN Color Challenge blog. Pretty much every single card there links goes to a very creative blog by someone who’s been creating cards for a long time, and their cards are stunning! I feel very intimated, and maybe even I’m breaking some rules, but I really want to give this a try.

I’ve got a lot to learn, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

This is the Challenge:

And this is my card:

ooh. I’m so nervous.

p.s. I love these colors!

The Guilt Trip

I’m not sure how to start a post which features cards I’ve made.

“Hey, Look at these delightful specimens!”

“Prepare to be delighted by these stupendous creations!”

“This is what I do in my free time!”

“Free time being anytime I want to avoid housework!”

Apparently all versions necessitate the use of an exclamation point!

How to explain this creative endeavor which I find so enjoyable? I really don’t know other than the fact that I firmly believe everyone needs one-a creative endeavor. Also something they find enjoyable.

How do I explain the money I spend, the hours I devote, and the fact that I rarely send any of the cards I make. And why do feel the need to explain?

Because I feel guilty. I feel guilty about anything I do that involves what I judge to be wasting time or unproductive or just something I want to do. Other things that make me feel guilty are online shopping, not reading the scriptures often enough, the bathrooms not being cleaned often enough, facebook, (legitimate guilt there?), the carpet with traffic stains, making cards, (of course!), and BLOGGING!

And so much more.

What is it with the guilt tripping? It’s a constant voice in the back of my mind telling me that I’m stupid and lazy, and that I should fill my hours with, well basically, anything but what I’m doing. Even when I am doing something which would considered the RIGHT thing I feel as though I’m not doing it RIGHT ENOUGH.

A story as old as me.

After talking that through a bit I am ready to show off my stupendous and delightful and guilty inducing, CREATIONS. Okay, they’re just cards.

Who woulda thunk that I’d be so into the colors Red and Pink together? I love each color individually, but I viscerally hated the combo in the past. I’m a changed woman! (Only as to the red/pink thing.)

I guarantee that I will continue to loathe PASTEL shades of color forever. I saw a pastel colored dress on pinterest recently and almost threw up. True story.

NOW to the reveal:

Be Mine

Be Mine

Happy Valentine's Day


Yes, I know, my captions are truly inspired.

I don’t have a favorite in this bunch although if I were forced to choose it would probably be “Kisses”. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been forced to make that decision.)

Time to do something, anything, that is not a waste of time.

BAHHHHH. not really.