30 minutes

Whilst blog trolling today I came across a post about what it takes to ‘write’. Some things said are obvious, but just being obvious doesn’t make a thing easy.

I have come to accept that my dreams of being a writer are rather ridiculous. Rather deluded actually. I really don’t have the skills, or the imagination, or the patience. Or an interesting life or a unique point of view. All the things I think you need to write. My grammatical skills are definitely a problem as well.

But I continued to read the post and even went so far as to bookmark the blog. He seems to have a lot to say about writers and writing. And perhaps I’ll read more.

One point he made made a lot of sense. That writing every day is necessary and but NOT for a long period of time. It’s like exercising. You’re much more likely to keep working out 30-60 minutes a day for a week than a 5 hour stretch in a single day for the week.

Of course, mostly due to the fact that anyone reading this could care less, I am not explaining the point as well as I should. But, It’s in my head. Somewhere.

Yet, even though it makes sense, and I continue to have these delusions, The truth is though, I know I’ll never be dedicated enough to keep up any sort of discipline of daily writing. Unless I can stop second guessing myself all the time and I’d need 30-60 minutes of therapy a week to ever get that voice outta my head. I take that back. There’s no amount of therapy that would to the trick. Trust me; I’ve been down that road before.

The amount of time to spend writing each day, if one were to follow his suggestion, is 30 minutes a day. Seems about right. Usually if I do any writing tho, it takes a lot longer than a half hour to get the creative juices flowing. This can be bad as that leaves a lot of time for those voices to start wearing me down. Right now I know I’ve exceeded 30 minutes, but of course, it takes me 10 minutes alone just to upload the photos. Since I think I have to use every word in the English language to illustrate a point, 30 minutes seems impossibly short.

Then there is the issue of the guilt I feel if I’m doing anything I just want to do. Hence the lack of card making these days.

Enough about my delusional desires. Who cares anyway?

Last week was the first measurable snowstorm of the season. You know it’s the real thing when it sticks to the road. Traveling wasn’t hindered, but yiyiyi, my car is a mess from the slush and sand. This is the only picture I took of the day, and it is of the night. Why don’t kids feel the cold like us with our old bodies?

George Michael is the funniest kitty. He loves to lounge on the back of the couch, all stretched out. But, he’s kinda stupid cuz I can’t count the times he’s slid right off and hit the floor. Often he does NOT land on his feet. Doesn’t stop him from going right back to that spot. Bet he could stick to a daily writing regimen. (That makes total sense to me.)

I’m sure you’re dying to know that Sunday’s pinterest recipe was Chocolate Chip Pudding cookies. In this case used one box of instant vanilla pudding and one of cream cheese flavored. They weren’t anything special, but I consider any type of chocolate chip cookie as worth eating. Kevin, Wes, David, and myself snarfed at least 2 dozen as fast as they came out of the oven. I wish I’d remember that I prefer cold cookies the next day to burn your tongue hot. Silly me. As far as a review goes, like I said all chocolate chip cookies are good. David dubbed them “Amazing Delicious Cookie Buttons”-buttons coming from the fact that I said they were as small as a, you guessed it, button. That David is so clever.

And, finally, last night Wes started to not feel too great and actually fell asleep on the couch, something he rarely does. Kevin carried him to bed and when I went into Wes’ room this morning he did not remember how he got there. He told me he doesn’t remember the last time he felt so crappy. Apparently this sickness is affecting his memory.

Well, we’ll have to see what 30 minutes of nonsense I can come up with tomorrow. If I do it.


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