a trip to the dentist

Look, I don’t know why I blog, there’s nothing I have to say that anyone wants to hear. But I do it anyway.

Today was my visit to the dentist to have temporary crown replaced with a real one  AND then have another temporary put into place on a different tooth. Meaning I’ll be going to the dentist in 2 weeks to get another permanent crown.

I think going to the dentist is torture. I have never liked visiting the Dentist,  but since having my tooth pulled last year and having a lovely bridge in its place, {pure sarcasm}, I get so nervous I have a hard time sleeping the night before.

First it was the bridge, then it was the root canal and temp crown, then there was today. I’ve learned a few things, among them the fact that I do like gas. Yeah. You know what I mean. I never wanted gas before chiefly because I’m a control freak and the thought that I’d be too ‘out of it’ had to be worse than the pain. I have watched my kids on gas though and they seemed fine. When they had their wisdom teeth removed  Jake was downright happy and hilarious, Kristen was in the ‘zone’ and Jessie just checked out. Not all the way, but enough that her blood pressure dropped. Well, that’s not a good thing, is it? The point is that they were not in pain and/or shaking/crying.

But the drill, no matter how much pain killer and gas, is still so awful. I’m sure that in reality the drill bit must be tiny, but when it’s whirring away in your mouth it sounds cars at the Indy 500 going around the turns. Yeah, I know this due to my nascar obsession.

Well, at least I was able to take myself to Wendy’s for a vanilla frosty shake. My new favorite treat.

Here’s some so-so photos from my so-so life.

Wes, Jake, and Makaela, attempting to coerce Simon out from under the couch.

The apple, aka Wes, does not fall far from the tree.

George Michael, our new kitty, and Wes.

Another one of the recipes I found through Pinterest, Lemon Brownies. They were delish.

That’s all for today, folks. TTYL


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