things that have happened.

I almost forgot about Wes’ big scouting milestone-the Arrow Of Light. Good thing I was looking at the pictures I’d taken of myself and noticed this one!

Last Wednesday, the 25th, Wes received his Arrow of Light and traditional walking stick, (Is that a tradtion? I have no idea).

Honestly the entire scouting program leaves me scratching my head. I have a few issues with different aspects, okay, all aspects, but I respect the fact that the majority of people care. I’m just not a fan. I am very grateful for the folks who put so much time and effort for the boys.

But DANG… he is a cutie patootie, am I RIGHT?

Now, what’s a post without a picture of food?

Last night I made this recipe I found through Pinterest, I should make this a category cuz I’ve made a bunch of recipes found on the P, I just need to remember to take photos!

This recipe for Broccoli and Beef can be found on my Pinterest account. If and when someone besides my children reads this blog I will post links. Until then I’m taking the lazy route.

It was real good. Not blurry at all IRL.

And… what’s a blog entry without a picture of me post temporary crown and pre root-canal. Half my face is numb in case you’re confused why the heck I allowed myself to post any kind of picture of myself. But taking my own picture is the reason I found that darling pic of sweet Wes, so you can thank me for that. I will thank myself.

ayiyiyiyiyi! My tooth has been bugging me for awhile but became much worse over the weekend and I could tell that I had to get to the Dentist. OOH how I loathe trips to the Dentist. I was literally shaking in the chair because my last visit with a bad tooth was a hellish experience. For everyone-dentist, hygienist, other patients, and ME.

Today was different because my tooth is savable, through a root canal later today, and I had GAS! You know what I mean! (Kevin tells me that real ladies don’t have gas-I’m pretty sure he means the other type).

Can I have gas everyday?

I still had half a numb face this time but at least it makes for such a stunning shot.

Okay, can you guess which side is numb?

*Don’t know what I’m looking at, not the camera apparently, thus the crazy eyes. I look ghastly here, yet it is still 1000 percent better than my driver’s license.



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