no joke

Are you kidding me?

After dropping my phone not once but twice in the TOILET, (and not before flushing if you know what I mean), I was absolutely certain that it was busted for good. 2 times was just 2 much to survive.

Try and put out of your mind what I just admitted I had to do to give the phone a fighting chance.

But it appeared that the phone didn’t make it. First clue was that my google searches led me to believe that no phone in the history of the world has survived a dunk in the porcelain throne (let alone deux). Then there was the fact that my phone wouldn’t charge. I should have taken notice though of the fact that everything else worked as long as it was


The internet went down as I typing this post and all that was saved was through mid-sentence above.

Long story forced to be short, my phone is fine. My killer toothache and the fact that my driver’s license expires this Saturday, not so much.




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