Pre-Birthday Celebrating

Sunday dinner was “Wes’ Pre-Birthday Dinner” Dinner.

An annual tradition of course. At least for Wes and for now.

Here’s what we supped upon. Soup and Breadsticks. Nummy Nummy.

Here’s Wes and Tanner and David, although you can’t see David, but he was there being the pyromaniac he should be. As all good boys should be.

I believe Wes is making his wish…

before blowing out his gourge pink candles.

Fortunately the traditional mexican(?) nativity lamb was there on the counter.


So, I’m here at my new blog. This is how I resolved my problem with another popular blog hosting site, who shall not be named. Not named in case they come and put their hooks in this blog.

Insert Maniacal Laughter here.


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